Border Leicester Sheep

Waiting to return to ByChance.

Rams Waiting to return to ByChance.

Border Leicester sheep (1,2) were imported to Australia in 1871, where they now have a large number of stud flocks. Border Leicester rams are used for mating with Merino ewes to breed the first-cross mothers that are so valuable for the production of prime lambs. Border Leicester Merino cross ewes produced in this way offer the greatest overall performance when breeding meat type sheep, with a well proportioned carcase, high fertility, good foraging ability and good milk production.

Border Leicester Merino cross ewes are mated to shortwool rams (e.g. Poll Dorset or Southdown) to produce prime lambs, which grow rapidly to market weights and have the ideal carcase shape. The vast majority of Australian lambs produced for meat are bred in this manner.[3]” (1)

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Feeding Cattle


Coming out of winter, the cattle will begin to calve.  Supplementary feeding with lucerne hay.  At this time of the year, there is a risk of grass tetany.  For this reason, the hay is supplemented with causmag (1). Lick blocks are also put out.

(1) Anon, Grass tetany in cattle | NSW Department of Primary Industries. Available at: [Accessed July 16, 2016].

Merino ewes after shearing



Merino ewes sheared on 28 July,  being drenched, prior to lambing later this month.




A 1996 model Toyota Landcruiser LC 80,  probably the best car ever made 🙂 Will go anywhere with BF Goodrich Mud terrain tyres. This season the terrain has been pretty slippery on Inverness.

Merino Ewes

Merino Ewes

Myanga Open Day


Cattle from the Myanga Stud. Also located in Chapman’s Lane Chatsbury. The open day was on this Saturday. The principals are Sally and Stephen Dunne. Roger McIntosh, the previous owner of the stud, was also in attendance. It was a very enjoyable morning. The sale is on 5 September. All the Angus bulls at Inverness are from Myanga.

Shearing at Inverness

A temporary shearing arrangement at Inverness. A trial running Merino ewes. Shearing prior to lambing later in the month.

A temporary shearing arrangement at Inverness. A trial running Merino ewes. Shearing prior to lambing later in the month.

Wool Spinning In Donegal


The cows will calve this month. This black baldy has calved early.


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